Biografi Kapten Peiere Andreas Tendean Versi Bahasa Inggris

Biografi Kapten Peiere Andreas Tendean Versi Bahasa Inggris

Name: Captain Peiere Andreas Tendean
Born: Jakarta, February 21, 1939
Religion: Protestant
General Education:
– SD in Magelang
– Junior B
Military education: ATEKAD

Military Career:
– Participated in the operation Sapta Marga in North Sumatra. He was sworn in as Second Lieutenant in 1962 Czi
– Danton Yon Zipur 2/Dam Bukit Barisan II
– Education Intelligence in 1963
– Had infiltrated Malaysia Dwikora time while serving DIPIAD
– 965 was appointed as the Minister of Defence, Adjutant / Kasab Gen. AH Nasution when the rank is Second Lieutenant, then rose to First Lieutenant.
Signs Respect: Heroes of the Revolution
Died: Jakarta, October 1, 1965
Buried: Kalibata Heroes Cemetery in Jakarta

Posthumous Tendean Captain Pierre was born on February 21, 1939 in Jakarta. He is one of the victims of the events of September 30th Movement plus an Indonesian national hero.
Son of DR. AL Tendean from Minahasa, his mother was a French bleed named Cornel ME. Pierre is the second of three brothers. The brother plus sister all women, so that as the only son of his parents he was a beacon of hope.

After Pierre graduated from elementary school in Magelang, continue to the junior part B plus then to the high school section in Semarang. After graduating from high school suggested that his parents Pierre entered the Faculty of Medicine. However, Pierre had to have their own choice, like masuh National Military Academy, plus aspired to become a military officer.
Pierre entered ATEKAD Force VI in London in 1958 plus was sworn in as Second Lieutenant Czi 1962. After experiencing the task, among others, as Danton Yon Zipur 2/Dam II plus following the Education Intelligence in 1963 plus had been infiltrated into Malaysia while serving time Dwikora DIPIAD, then in 1965 was appointed as the Minister of Defence, Adjutant / Kasab Gen. AH Nasution with the rank of First Lieutenant.

In the office of Adjutant Gen. A.H. Nasution is Pierre Tendean fall as a shield against any attempt G 30 S / PKI to kidnap / kill Gen. AH Nasution.
At hordes G 30 S / PKI still plus tried to kidnap Mr. Nas on the early morning of October 1, 1965, Pierre, who was sleeping in the pavilion’s house Nas, soon woke up, heard a noise in the house because Nas pack. When he came out, he was captured by the kidnappers gang by Idris plus Jahurup Pratu. When Pierre explained that he was the Adjutant Nasution, then the mob that he misheard Nas pack. Then he tied her hands plus taken by truck to the Crocodile Hole.

In crocodile pit with Brigadier General Pierre besama Sutoyo entered into the house which is located near the old well. After brutally tortured by members of the G 30 S / PKI based on the final turn was murdered plus put into a crocodile pit with other Army leaders.

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